Swinging Life Away

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Beth To Die?

Im terrified they’re going to kill her off. Recent interviews with Emily say that she feels like she’s lost a part of herself this season. Mixed with other interviews saying the reunions going to be heart breaking and heart warming.

Not sure my feels can handle that!

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Anonymous asked: Could you do a Bethyl reunion were they dont realise the groups watching.?

I don’t think this is exactly what you were hoping for annoy but I hope you enjoy regardless. Please let me know if you enjoyed it, or if it’s complete and utter rubbish. Feedback, good or bad, helps me improve my writing. And as always thanks for reading!

He didn’t remember much about the raid on the hospital. Couldn’t recall Rick screaming him name, telling him to wait for the group; the sound of the semi automatics going off all around him, the screams of the injured and scared, the smell of sulfur and blood mixed with the sterile smell all hospitals had and something he couldn’t place. He didn’t remember firing a bullet, unsheathing his knife to kill a walker, or was it a man? No, he didn’t remember desperately scouring the old hospital, searching for the blond hair and blue eyes he so desperately longed to see.

It wasn’t until that final door that his world turned on its axis. Fair skin on the operating table, turned almost translucent from the spotlight, blood that ran black in contrast. Golden hair shining like a halo thrown haphazardly over the face on an angel, his angel

It was like a punch to the gut as all the air left his body and the walls closed in around him. His blood replaced by needles, stabbing him from the inside out.

He ran.

It wasn’t until his foot caught on an uprooting tree that it occurred to him that he had somehow found his way outside, to the edge of a forest much like the one they had spent so much time in. Gripping its trunk to keep his balance he laid into its hardness. As flesh and bone met bark he let out a primal cry loud enough to wake the dead, and it did. It must have for suddenly there she was before him, his name on her lips like a song. 

Time stopped as he stared at her, hands up in surrender as he slowly backed away. She wasn’t real, she couldn’t be, he saw her on that table, chest unmoving, he saw her bloody mangled and dead. Yet here she was before him, assuring him the she was real, that she was there. 

She reached a hand out towards him slowly as one might a scared animal, her fingers brushing against his cheek was his undoing. His knees gave out from under him and he sank to the ground, mud and water seeping into his worn pants as he wrapped his arms around her waist, burying his head in her abdomen as he cried. Apologies and her name blended together in a chant on his lips as he struggled to come to terms with it all. it was all to much, and not enough. 

As she sunk down to his level he pressed his head to her chest, reviling in the beat of her heart mixed with the feeling of her fingers running through her hair, the way her lips alternated between the gentle kisses she placed on his forehead and the softness in her voice whispering words of comfort into his ear.

Neither one aware of their group, their family, gathering on the edge of the hill, tears in their eyes as they watched the reunion unfold. 

If anyone of them were asked years down the road what love means this moment would replay in their heads. 

Love is unconditional. Love is ripping your beating heart out of your chest and offering it up without a second thought. Love is pain and beauty all mixed into one, it’s baring your scars and sins, strengths and triumphs. Love is self destructing and rebuilding yourself stronger than before.

Love is beautiful.

And there was no stronger bond than that of which they were witnessing.

The love of Daryl and Beth.

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Bruh. Everybody is smiling but Daryl. I didn’t even realize this. Fuck. He is missing someone. Mannnnn. My heart.

It’s because Beth was the one who told him this was possible. Beth was the one who kept him going after the prison and gave him hope again, and she’s the only one not there to see it come to fruition. 

this is what i’ve been saying. 

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Anonymous asked: I just don't even know what to expect for a bethyl reunion now. Like before this episode I thought it was gonna be kind of...understated, if that's the right word. But now after that hug between daryl and Carol, it had better be like screaming each other's names and him picking Beth up and just straight up kissing her on the spot lol


Idk anon, honestly I feel that would cheapen it.

Daryl and Beth don’t have ravenous passion for each other. They aren’t best friends seeing each other after a long absence.

Think of how Norman’s described her. An apple to a starving man. The light at the end of the tunnel. There’s something good in this world and maybe that’s you.

With Carol there’s certainty. They’re best friends. They’re cut from the same cloth. They went through hell before the apocalypse and out of everyone they have the least to miss. Carol is an anchor, Carol is a rock, she’s something Daryl can touch.

Beth and Daryl didn’t just leave something unfinished; they themselves are unfinished. Daryl and Carol are connected by their past, Daryl and Beth are connected by their future. By the ability to survive, the hope to live.

I don’t want them screaming each other’s names. I want a long moment of quiet. At the edge of a battlefield, or after all the other tears and emotions are shed.

I want them to come together without words because they left without words, and they don’t need them anyway. I want them to be afraid to touch each other, because they’ve been dreaming this moment for so long and for so long they’ve woken to find it false. I want them to slide together on a couch or sit quietly in a field and feel the other’s presence, feel their life in the world. Feel the indent in the ether that they make at their side. Feel like they did that night on the porch, that even for the family around them they’re the only people alive in the entire world.

Their reunion won’t be special because of what they say or do.

It will be in the pauses.

The silent tears and fingers wrapped around hair and arms just brushing because they don’t need any more than that to know they exist.

The quiet. The still.

The breath before the “oh”.


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Bethyl drabble


Daryl stares in disbelief as Rick and Carl run towards baby Judith, the sun reflecting off her perfect skin making her glow like an angel. She must be, for how else could someone that small survive all the horrors. 

Looking around at his family reunited he can’t help but think that she was right, she was right about everything. Their family. Judith. Him. She was right about it all. And the worst part was she wasn’t even around to see it. To tell him that she told him so. 

He may have been physically stronger, saved her from the walkers but she’d saved him from something even worse: himself. She had been the one to talk him off the edge, give him hope when he had lost it. 

He would move mountains, travel to hell and back again to bring her back. And that’s just what he planned to do.

To tell her that he had missed her so bad when she was gone.

And he did.

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